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Private tattoo studio in Lincoln Nebraska

Tattoos have come a long way from being associated solely with subcultures to becoming a mainstream form of self-expression accepted by everyone. As the tattoo industry continues to evolve, two distinct styles of tattoo parlors have emerged, each with its own unique charm: the classic traditional tattoo shop and the modern private studio.

The Tattoo Shop is a private tattoo studios prioritizing a more intimate and personalized experience for each client. We provide a level of privacy and comfort that is not always possible in a traditional shop with multiple artists. Clients can relax in a more controlled environment, away from the noise and groups of people from a larger space. Our shop is designed to be cozy and inviting, allowing clients to feel at ease during their private sessions.

Being located near 27th & O street and having free parking is another perk of The Tattoo Shop. We have been located at 117 S 27th Street Lincoln Nebraska since 2014. This year we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The Tattoo Shop. Danny has about 20 years of tattooing experience and only takes breaks as the client requests them to respect everyone’s time. Rates are charged by time and clients working on large projects are surprised by how much Danny can get done in one session.

The hours are open by appointment only, ensuring that Danny can dedicate his full attention to each client without being rushed. This approach reduces the wait times and allows for more detailed consultations. By scheduling your tattoo session at The Tattoo Shop you will experience a more personalized, comfortable, and specialized approach compared to a classic traditional tattoo shop.

Submit your ideas and availability to schedule a free consultation or schedule your next tattoo session by clicking BOOK NOW


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