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The Tattoo Shop is a locally owned family business that opened in May 2014. This private tattoo studio is located on the southwest corner of 27th & O Street in Lincoln Nebraska. Danny Walker is the solo tattoo artist that loves to provide a piece of art that flows with the body. He can transform your idea into something beautiful or has several designs he'd love for you to select.

Shop hours are open by appointment to provide a quality tattoo experience that is welcoming and revolves around each client. Prices are based on time and outlined as $200/hour, $500/3 hours (half day session), or $1,000/7 hours (full day session). Danny loves working on larger projects and his clients enjoy how much work they can get completed at a time based on their budget. For the clients that love smaller tattoos getting multiple in one session is very popular.

Looking for a quality tattoo experience in Lincoln, Nebraska? Make your request for a FREE estimate or a tattoo session at The Tattoo Shop and let Danny bring your idea to life! Just fill out the request form on the "BOOK NOW" link to get started. Using the request form helps Danny dedicate time to you and your ideas! To view Danny’s tattoo work use the website or Instagram @TattoosByDanny402

For all other questions just give use the number below and leave a message for us to get back to you.

quality tattoos portrait tattoo artist
quality tattoos portrait tattoo artist in Lincoln


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